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Updated December 21, 2013

Welcome to the Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Mission Statement


" I have been where you fear to go... I have seen what you fear to see...I have done what you fear to do...All these things I've done for you. I am the one you lean upon...The one you cast your scorn upon...The one you bring your troubles to...All these people I've been for you. The one you ask to stand apart...The one you feel should have no heart...The one you call the man in blue... But I am human just like you."

Author Unknown

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Remembering / One mans dedication to fallen officers' survivors


(USA - BEND, OR) When a police officer anywhere is killed in the line of duty, Bob Dent mourns along with his fellow officers then does something about it.

A tragedy in 1992 -- the fatal shooting of Dent's friend and colleague, a young Oregon State Police trooper named Bret Clodfelter - set in motion a chain of events that stunned Pacific Northwest law enforcement.  But what is just as tragic and troubling to Dent is the death of Clodfelter's wife, Rene', who took her own life one year after her husband died.  They had been married just 33 days when Bret was killed, Dent recalls.  

Dent, a now retired Oregon State Police Senior Trooper from Bend, has seen his share of friends fall to the bullets and knives of criminals and has long been involved in providing emotional support to the families of officers killed while serving in harm's way. It was the Clodfelter case, however, that galvanized his commitment and compelled him to dedicating his private life to this cause by using his private funds to form an I.R.S. approved non-profit foundation that raises money to help people such as Rene' Clodfelter with the grieving process.  

His philanthropic efforts have brought national awards, television and radio appearances, articles by national and international magazines with commendations from former President George Bush and Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to name a few. However, Dent is quick to give the credit to individuals who support him, as he requires any donation given be accompanied by the donor's name and address. He handles all correspondence himself, keeping administrative costs near zero.

In Memory 
Trooper Bret Clodfelter
End of Watch:  Sept. 30, 1992

Dent recalls that Clodfelter died in his patrol car after being shot four times in the back of the head by one of three men riding in the back seat. The young trooper was giving the men a ride after arresting one of them for Driving While Intoxicated.  The shooter, Francisco Manzo-Hernandez had a long violent history of assault and drug abuse and was wanted on seven outstanding arrest warrants ranging from Manufacturing of Methamphetamine to Auto Theft.  After a 3 day intensive manhunt for the killer (an illegal immigrant), he was found hiding in a barn not far from the murder.  

At Manzo-Hernandez's trial the jury sadly gave him life in prison instead of the death penalty.  He was sent to a Texas jail where he subsequently escaped with another illegal alien who had also been convicted of murder.  Both were eventually caught, and Hernandez was sent back to Oregon to serve his sentence.  (The re-capture of of Hernandez and Ruiz as told by Officer Rusty Foster, Denton Texas Police Dept). 

"A fallen officer's survivors are part of the police family, Dent said, but after the funeral, after the honor guards, after the outpouring of support, there's often a sudden break in contact with the department. Yet the loss goes on for years -- for a lifetime. They too have made a terrible  sacrifice. It is important we continue to recognize that and that these families receive help in bringing closure to a tragic time in their lives. Society owes this debt to them."

To help out, Dent established the Bend-based Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.  Since 1995, the small foundation has been raising funds to assist such families. Contributions mainly help pay for survivors' travel expenses to the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Services and the Concerns of Police Survivors Grieving Conference in Washington, D.C. in May of each year.

Dent supplements the contributions with sales of badge mourning bands and black lapel ribbons that are manufactured for the foundation by two seamstresses in Bend. He sells the bands and ribbons for $3 each. "The bands bring dignity to a symbolic expression of mourning while benefiting the families of those slain," Dent said. He also donates part of the proceeds from three books he has written to help support the small foundation.

In 1997, Dent arranged an Oregon appearance by Vincent Bugliosi, the famed author and former Los Angeles prosecutor. Bugliosi wrote the best-selling book "Helter Skelter," recounting his successful prosecution of the Charles Manson case, and several other true-crime books including the best-seller, "Outrage," regarded by critics as the best book published on the O.J. Simpson murder case.  (At his own expense, Dent had the Bugliosi fund raiser filmed and is selling "An Evening With Vincent Bugliosi" (90 min.) to raise money for the foundation).

Bugliosi, moved by Dent's work, agreed to waive his speaking fee with all the proceeds going to the foundation.  Dent arranged for Bugliosi's airfare to Bend to be paid by criminals convicted of assaulting police officers, resisting arrest or eluding police officers, through an arrangement with Dennis Maloney (deceased), former Director of the Deschutes County Community Justice Department. Bugliosi has since been appointed an honorary board member of the foundation.

Dent met Bugliosi at a conference several years ago and took an interest in the foundation's work.  The two became friends but it was the cause that brought Bugliosi to Bend, Dent says.

(Vincent Bugliosi presents Bob Dent with $16,000 check 
to aid families of police officers killed in the line of duty.)

The seeds of Dent's personal mission probably were planted in 1976 when a Pendleton, Oregon, police officer was stabbed to death by a motorist he stopped to help. The officer left behind a wife and five children. Dent, then stationed in Pendleton, helped pass the hat for the family and other families that followed.

"For some reason many people mistakenly believe that the spouses, children, parents and co-workers who survive the police deaths are somehow more prepared for their losses than are other people. Nothing could be further from the truth." Dent said.

Since the foundation was created in 1995, it has provided assistance to several surviving families in Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, California, Texas, Nebraska, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Florida. Read about the Sanchez families' trip.

Ironically, within 45 days of the Bugliosi fund raiser, three of Dent's fellow Troopers were killed in the line of duty. Sgt. Jim Rector and Trooper Scott Lyons were killed in a tragic collision while responding to help another trooper investigating an accident involving an intoxicated driver. Thirty days later Sgt. Richard Schuening was killed from an explosion while trying to dispose of some illegal explosives. Dent says $16,000 raised from the Bugliosi fund raiser will be used to help these and other families.    

Dent tells of heartwarming stories about the generosity of others such as a Bend woman who heard about the foundation and the Bugliosi fund raiser. She sent all she could afford -- $15. After Dent and his wife invited her over one evening to thank her, the woman went door-to-door for a week raising over $1,100. Still she asked for nothing. Then there's the story of the elderly widowed woman who sends the foundation $100 every month from her Social Security check. "She told me her husband and brother had passed on," Dent says, "and her contributions make her feel worthwhile, to be able to help these families."

Dent did not stop with just police families to help; with support from Oregon State Representative Ben Westlund, HB2391 "The Fallen Officer's Bill"  was signed into law in 1999 by then Governor John Kitzhaber after winning unanimous approval from the House and Senate. The bill gives help to families of other public safety professionals like firefighters; correctional and juvenile officers; and parole and probation personnel. The bill makes convicted criminals and those that put officers at risk, pay to help the families of slain or incapacitated public safety officers. The newly passed law requires those convicted of felonies, misdemeanors, infractions and violations to pay a $1.00 assessment. The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training administers the program that aid the officers' families.

Dent said, " We are making criminals and those who violate the law more responsible for their illegal acts. They should bear the cost of this bill, not the law abiding taxpayer." The genesis of the fund is not just living expense money. It's scholarships for the kids. It's sending the spouse back to school, if he or she wants to go, it's for funeral expenses, it's therapy and meetings with other survivors."

The intense 59-year-old clearly enjoys the lectern -- an aptitude that shows up in training videos he has produced -- and you get the feeling that in another life he might have made a good classroom teacher. Inevitably, in today's cynical world, the time-consuming behind-the-scenes efforts of someone like Dent cause eyebrows to raise. What's the motivation here? It's clearly a simple one, found in the man's own terse explanation:

"I cannot forget the looks, the tears on the faces of all the innocent young women with children, grieving a lost husband and father suddenly taken, older couples who have unfortunately outlived their son or daughter, brothers, sisters... or the Troop who witnessed a partner fall.  And it saddens me greatly.  I've just been to too many funerals. Hopefully, this small foundation can ease the pain and suffering just a little. Nothing equals the smiles and hugs from the family and fellow officers you help. No honor or award can replace the twinkle in the eye or the smile on the face when you know you've touched someone's heart...it is just the right thing to do," Dent said.  ( Please take a moment and click here... you will be glad you did. )

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Dent was awarded the "Ed Nowicki Lifetime Achievement Award" from the American Society of Law Enforcement Training.   The award recognizes and honors individuals with leadership and motivational skills who have dedicated their lives to law enforcement training and who have had a significant and positive impact on our nations Law Enforcement Community.   Mr. Dent was selected from a field of 7000 trainers in 37 countries.

Bates is a staff writer for The Oregonian newspaper of Portland and a columnist for the daily Bulletin of Bend, Ore. (Article reprint permitted with appropriate author credit.)

Contributions to Dent's foundation may be mailed to P.O. Box 6415, Bend, OR 97708

Note:  The Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation is an approved I.R.S. 501 (c3) non-profit and receives no government funding.  It depends solely on donations from kind people like you.

I am the flag of the United States
(Please click on the above link.  It is very much worth reviewing)


Former President George Bush

Vincent Bugliosi (Author of "Helter Skelter" and prosecutor of Charles Manson Family)

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber

Oregon State Police - General Headquarters

Other testimonials and comments...

"Hello and Welcome"

My name is Robert Dent and I am a retired Oregon State Police Senior Trooper from Bend, Oregon.  I was in the law enforcement profession for more than 29 years.

(Please read: "My Last Shift... Thoughts and Reflections")

I am the founder, President, and Board Chairman of the Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc., located in Bend, Oregon.

Far too many law enforcement officers and other public safety officers have paid society a debt it demands with their lives. Leaving behind a legacy of spouses, children, relatives and friends. The purpose of the "Fallen Officer's Legislation"  is to make those who put pubic safety officers at risk, pay their debt society should demand of them... to financially help surviving families. The cost of the legislation is paid by those that violate the law rather than the law abiding, tax paying citizen.  I wrote this legislation in the memory of Oregon State Trooper Bret Clodfelter and his wife mentioned above.

My objective is to get this type of legislation enacted in as many states as possible. It is important to keep the name of the legislation consistent from state to state i.e. the      "Public Safety Memorial Fund Bill".   

I encourage you to copy the information contained here and pass it on to your agency, association or appropriate organization. It is imperative that each organization start a letter writing campaign to legislative representatives for adoption. If we work together we can get this legislation passed that will help so many. 

(NOTE: Please refer interested parties to this URL of: http://www.survival-spanish.com/foundation.htm

By passing this legislation we will speak for those who no longer speak for themselves. If they could speak, they would thank you for remembering their loved ones left behind.

To learn about the 1999 legislation, click on the link below:


Some interesting statistics regarding law enforcement deaths.

If you or your agency would like to help assist the families of slain public safety officers by making a tax deductible contribution, I will send you the ribbon of your choice as a token of my sincere appreciation. Please mail your contribution to me at:

Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.
20615 Woodside Court
Bend, Oregon 97702

"Mourning Badge Bands"
(Black elastic with decorative ribbons)
FREE S&H. Item # 40

"Mourning Ribbons"
(Button, tie tack or blouse ribbon )
FREE S&H Item # 42

(A suggested donation of $5.00 or more for each band would be greatly appreciated). If outside the continental U.S. please, include a little extra for shipping.

Thank you in advance for your support. It is you that makes it possible in making a difference in other peoples lives who have given so much.

                                   BOARD AND HONORARY MEMBERS 

Robert Dent - President and Chairman of the Board (President Constable Group, Inc.)
Gary Dent - Vice President
(President - Terra Investments Inc.)
Dave Smith - 2nd Vice President
(Former Dir. Training L.E. Television Network)
Alan Morris - 3rd Vice President
(Former Dir of Training, Naval Special Warfare Training Center - Coronado, CA)
G. Alan Ferguson - 4th Vice President
(U.S.  Border Patrol (Ret.)
Robert Maxwell - Board Member  (Medal of Honor Recipient WW II - U.S. Army)
Captain Marvin Sparks - Board Member
(United Airlines Pilot)
Kathy Dent - Secretary
(Constable Group, Inc.)

Note:  All Board members volunteer their time and do not receive any type of compensation.  Our intent is to direct as much of your money to where it is intended...to help the families). 

                                                    HONORARY MEMBERS

Vincent Bugliosi - Author of "Helter Skelter" and prosecutor of Charles Manson 
Mandi Puckett - President of IfLostTags.com   
Lloyd & Lolita Clodfelter (Parents of Bret Clodfelter) Medford, Oregon
Mike Lynch - Former President of U.S. Section, International Police Association
Nick Mileur
- International Police Assoc., Region 29 (Sacramento, CA) (Ret.) Placer
                                                                       County Sheriffs' Dept. - Auburn, CA
Ken Bauman - Assistant US Attorney, District of Oregon, Portland, Oregon
Dr. Frank O'Hearn - Former Presidential and UN Interpreter, Madras, Oregon
Dieter Waiblinger, Director and President of Via Language Company (Former Director,
                                World Trade Center School of Languages) Portland, OR
Jim Soules, Former Pres., Oregon Association of Chief's of Police (Ret.) 
Capt Larry Kanski - Redmond Oregon P.D. (Ret.)
Rick a Nissen CPA, - Pres. Nissen & Meyer, Redmond, Oregon
Richard Rollins - Consultant, Redmond, Oregon

I ask you to please pass this information on to other individuals or organizations who might help with our mission. Open your heart and give to those who gave the most. In my opinion there are only a few things really important in life: Family, a few loyal friends, your faith and what you do for others less fortunate without asking for something in return.

If you know someone who is going through a law enforcement trauma and can use a shoulder to lean on, please refer them to Brenda Seger's "Police Wives" site that offers support to law enforcement families.

My wife and I would like to hear from you and kindly ask that you take a moment to write us.   Hearing from people who support what we are trying to accomplish makes our efforts  rewarding and worthwhile.

Robert and Kathy Dent

"Greater love than this no man hath than that he lay down his life for his friend."

"Too often the cruelty of realism is unfairly thrust upon the young. Their loss of innocence reflected in lonely cries, breaks the silence of night but will fade with the glimmering approach of a new dawn. No bells toll for them, their names never on the wall, no solemn ceremonies with honor guards and bagpipes, but they too have made the ultimate sacrifice.  

In memory of Bret and René Clodfelter.
 Robert L. Dent,   
Board Chairman
Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.

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                                                    Robert L. Dent
Oregon State Police (Ret.)
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(This site is being constantly updated with new information. Be sure  to bookmark its location and return to see what's new with Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.).

NOTE: (Information, comments and opinions are solely that of Robert Dent and not of the Oregon State Police.)