Police Officers in National Pilot Program Learn Signals to Communicate Silently

Testimonials on Silent Universal Signals

"This book and associated training will revolutionize the way those in public safety communicate. Simply put, Silent Universal Signals will save lives and should be in the hands of everyone in America dedicated to Homeland Security.  I have strongly recommended our public safety academy in Oregon to integrate this communication program into their curriculum.

Rep. Ben Westlund (R) 
Chairman Ways and Means Public Safety Committee, Salem, Oregon

"I recently attended the Silent Universal Signals training at the High Desert Middle School in Bend, Oregon. Everyone in attendance, including myself, was extremely impressed with the life-saving crisis management potential of this simple, easy to learn, remember and use communication technique.

Senator Bev Clarno (R) – Assistant Majority Leader, Salem, Oregon

"I and Senator Clarno recently attended the Silent Universal Signals training program at the High Desert Middle School along with 65 teachers and staff. All of us were very impressed with this training that will coordinate life saving efforts among multiple public safety agencies. I enthusiastically join Rep. Westlund and Senator Clarno in sending our strongest endorsement of this program to our Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Academy."

Rep. Tim Knopp (R) – Salem, Oregon

"Finally, a simple and effective method to bridge the communication barrier has been produced. I have attended the Silent Universal Signals training and sincerely believe this program is absolutely necessary and should be adopted…now, by all who are committed to safety."

Chief Robert Wall (Ret.) 
Portland Bureau of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services, Portland, Oregon

“I am writing to commend you for your work to enhance the safety of our communities by providing innovative communications tools for law enforcement officers, emergency services personnel, and education professionals…it has been received with enthusiasm.  I fully endorse your training.  You should take great pleasure in knowing that you have made a very positive difference on the safety of our community and our children.  
                                                                          Charles J. Karl, Director
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

“We were so completely satisfied with the training and practical application to our daily responsibilities that we intend to make it a mandatory part of our annual in-service training.  One of our officers who received the training had previously been involved in a duty related shooting in which he was injured.  He commented after the class that the use of Silent Universal Signals might have allowed him to avoid that shooting.

                           Chief Lane J. Roberts – Redmond Oregon Police Department

"The inservice training we received from you was outstanding! It will help us keep our kids and staff safe at school. It is without reservation and with a great deal of enthusiasm that we recommend Silent Universal Signals to other schools across the nation. If anyone has any questions about the program, I welcome them to call me. Again, thank you for your help with improving the safety of our school, staff, and our students.

                                                        Bruce Reynolds
                             Assistant Principal, Elk Meadows Elementary School
                                                       Bend, OR (541-383-6420)

""On behalf of the staff and students of the school, I would like to thank you for a tremendous, worthwhile inservice training on Silent Universal Signals. Our ability to provide a safe environment in the time of emergency or crisis has greatly increased. Our staff is doing emergency drills now in total silence using your system. Both students and staff commented on how they felt safer than ever before. Please feel free to use me as a contact for anyone that would like additional assurance of the power of this program."

Brian Lauchlan
Principal, High Desert Middle School, Bend, OR (541-383-6488)

"Wow! What great training you provided for our staff. The manuals and safety wall charts are very easy to understand the 18 Silent Universal Signals. The most important aspect of the training was the hands-on role playing of communicating from a distance in an actual school building. We immediately held a silent emergency drill.  Student behavior and staff response were much smoother than previous drills held prior to the training. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with others and improving the safety of our community."

Teresa Hjeresen
Principal, Buckingham Elementary School, Bend, OR (541-383-6135)

"The police officers and probation officers who attended your training both agree that the hand signals are so easily learned and beneficial to our safety, it is hard to comprehend why this course has not been incorporated into the state’s training academy years ago. Our department’s SWAT Team have incorporated your hand signals into their training curriculum. I would strongly encourage all agencies to attend this class and encourage the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training to seriously consider its implementation into the academy training."

Derick Reddington, Lt.
LaGrande Police Dept., LaGrande, OR

     "I was impressed with the professionalism and dedication that you and Commander Morris have shown, together with the simplicity of the Silent Universal Signals course. I was so impressed that I recommended it to the Springfield Oregon School District. After our school shooting in 1997, our community became aware of the importance of silent communication… often the most effective and safe form of exchanging information is by a silent signal.
As a member of the SWAT Team and a combat veteran of Operation Just Cause, I recognize the importance of silent communication. It is refreshing to see that the same philosophy can be used on the street and can be added to the arsenal of tools we have developed to help protect our children."

Alberto Pena
Springfield Police Department, Springfield, OR

"I want to commend you on the Silent Universal Signals training you recently presented. It was excellent training, well presented, and well received. We have already made practical application of the signals in dealing with our parolees and probationers. I have recommended the Union County Corrections Facility have all of their staff trained, as well as encourage other law enforcement agencies in Union County to do likewise.

                                                         Cedric M. Shanks - Director
                             Union/Wallowa County Community Corrections Program, LaGrande, OR

"I was involved in a shooting incident in 1993, which resulted in both myself and the suspect being shot. I believe if myself and the other officer involved would had been able to silently communicate with this system, it may have prevented the shooting incident.

Richard Kidwell – Patrolman
Redmond Oregon Police Department

Other Endorsements