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Survival Spanish   

®  Plus:

New training manuals and communication products for the new millennium... that help save lives.

We specialize in simple, realistic and practical "Survival" foreign language field manuals, audio and video training tapes for public safety agencies, educational institutions and security professionals.  We are expanding our award winning products and services to include more innovative training, publications and unique devices to facilitate efficient and clear communication interoperability through hand signals and other non-verbal means.... such as in our New Release:   

Silent Universal Signals for Public Safety 
and Education Professionals
Robert Dent and Alan Morris

Press Release Regarding School Violence & More

This new and innovative manual aids in:

  • Crisis Prevention and Management

  • Threat Assessments

  • Surviving Critical Emergency and Major Incident Responses

Our training materials are the result of many years of research, development, and actual field testing by some of the most elite  professional trainers and respected educators in the United States.   They provide an immediate, practical and "no nonsense" method for mastering efficient and cost effective communications. 

Our groundbreaking approach will:

  • Increase individual  safety

  • Dramatically enhance communication and interoperability capabilities

  • Improve individual and team job performance and multi-agency effectiveness while enhancing Homeland Security


Survival Spanish®, is a federally registered trademark of Constable Group, Inc. Anyone using the term is in violation of U.S. Patent and Trademark law.  Silent Universal Signals for Public Safety and Educational Professionals© and Survival Languages© is a trademark of CGI.
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